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Our History


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Our Mission:

Our mission is founded with the idea to promote civic engagement through active community organizing in Toronto, Ohio. We seek to create, build, and sustain an exciting, safe, and community driven environment, while giving back to the community, keeping the FOCUS in Toronto.


Our Vision:

Our vision is for all members of the community to be connected and engaged.




Our Goals:

 1.) To continue conducting community events to generate community participation;

We are responsible for three of Toronto’s largest community events: The Festival of the Arts, Gem City Day, and the Christmas Parade. Our goal is to continue these events, while growing our reach, activities, vendors, and participation each year.

2.) To continue developing scholarships and charitable grants through successful events;

The success of our events is directly related to how much we are able to give back to the community in the form of grants and scholarships. Our goal is to add a second $500 scholarship to a graduating Toronto High School Senior by May of 2016.

3.) To explore any means to keep the Focus in Toronto.

While providing events and grants to the Toronto community we are always looking for new opportunities to keep the Focus in Toronto. We offer advertising for businesses that donate to our organization, as well as advertising for any non-profit for free.



Our Board

Program Director: Justin Poole Member Since 2005

Chairman: Brenda Cich Member Since 2005

Vice Chair: Barbara Scott Member Since 2005

Treasurer: Julie Ault Member Since 2013

Secretary: Tina McCoy Member Since 2013

Sponsorship Director: Stephanie Crago Member Since 2005

Vendor Director: Julie Ault Member Since 2013


Keeping the Focus Where It Matters Most, Toronto, OH