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Our History

FinalLogoFocus in Toronto is a group of Ohio Valley residents from all walks of life who joined forces in 2005 on the TorontoInFocus.com website to raise funds to help save the Toronto Fireworks display.

Through our fundraising efforts to keep alive one of Toronto’s most amazing traditions, we realized we enjoyed working together making a positive difference in our community. We decided to file for non-profit status with the State of Ohio to continue our efforts.

We stand today with a mission to promote civic engagement through active community organizing. We seek to create, build, and sustain a fun, safe, and community driven environment, keeping the FOCUS in Toronto.

DSC_0109In 2005, FIT began to sponsor and coordinate the Toronto Christmas Parade. Responsibility for this event was given to us by Toronto’s former Mayor, Bob Wilson’s wife, Kay Jean Wilson.  Kay Jean’s dedication to the Toronto and our community is immeasurable. She played a major role in many events, as well as community projects. The Wilson’s were honored for their dedication to our community as the Grand Marshals of the 2005 Great Expectations Christmas Parade.

Following their departure in 2006, Toronto’s Gem City Day Festival was sponsored and coordinated for the first time by FIT. Each year the event continues to grow, providing fun and friendly activities for the family on the weekend following the Fourth of July.finalfotawhiteback

In 2008 the Jr. Civic Club was no longer able to continue organizing the Annual Festival of the Arts. FIT took responsibility for the festival with our main idea of building and sustaining these important hometown traditions. The festival features a wide variety of handmade arts and crafts, entertainment, and delicious foods. To meet the demands of a changing demographic, we are also now incorporating some non-handmade items into the festival.

Each of these events was adopted by our organization when others were no longer able to sustain them. Focus in Toronto continues its primary goal of keeping the focus on our Gem City. We, as a community, have the power to build and sustain our local economy with booming events. It takes the continued participation of everyone who agrees in our mission; community involvement through active planning and events.

100_1277Throughout the year we donate to individuals in need, local charities, fundraisers and to local student and school sports programs. This includes, but is not limited to: Toys for Tots, Toronto High School Close-Up Program, and various sports booster programs. We also offer grants to those in need due to family illness, death, fire, natural disaster and other hardships.

Each year FIT also provides a $500 Community Service Scholarship to a Toronto High School Senior who demonstrates their dedication to community service and to making a difference in today’s society.

Please consider joining our team to help us keep the Focus IN Toronto.