2015 Grand Marshal: Tina McCoy

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Great Expectations Christmas Festival

2015 Christmas Parade Grand Marshal

-Tina McCoy-

FullSizeRenderThe 2015  Grand Marshal Great Expectations Christmas Parade was an easy decision for our board. With many nominations, one stood out from the crowd. Tina has given many years, days, and hours, of her time to the Gem City. She was responsible for organizing and ensuring that our Gem shined bright every season. She also took on responsibilities within Focus in Toronto to help sustain our traditions. Tina whole heartedly gave her time without ever wanting or seeking recognition. All of these characteristics add up to what being the Grand Marshal is all about.  Tina served as the Chairman of the Toronto Beautification Committee for many years, while being involved for 19 years. This past fall Tina made the decision to retired from the organization, but her work lives on in every TBC site across Toronto.

The role of Grand Marshal is someone that has given their time to the community without asking for anything in return. Someone who positively made their mark, giving all they could. Each year we’ve recognized someone at the end of their career. This honor is awarded to someone that is passing the torch for the next generation to carry on. When you retire or leave an organization, it is something that should be celebrated for all of their accomplishments and hard work. With that said, please join me in congratulating Tina McCoy, the 2015 Great Expectations Christmas Parade’s Grand Marshal! 

Focus in Toronto thanks you for your continued effort and dedication to our community as a member of our organization. Although your time with TBC has concluded, volunteerism is a way of life and continues on. 



A Few Words From Tina: Her Gem City Volunteer Crusade 

The founding members of the Toronto Beautification Committee decided to disband in 1996.  I had just moved to Toronto with my family and hated to see what they had accomplished end.  I made the decision with 4 other citizens to keep the TBC and its mission going.  Over the years, the projects increased and the city continued to shine. 

I joined the TBC because I loved the pride that Toronto has in its city.  I have served as chairman at 2 different times over the years and had the pleasure of chairing an amazing group of members.  It was a team that didn’t hesitate to help each other when the need arose.  So many projects took a team to complete and the tasks were always so rewarding when they were finished.  I always told the members that I couldn’t have served as their chairman without the cooperation and hard work they provided.

While a part of the TBC, the Veterans Victory Pavilion was created.  The Corporate Sponsor Signs at 8 sites and Wilson Flag Fund were established.  Liberty Square and Sloane Station Square were redesigned.  Newburg Landing became a reality in conjunction with The Lions Club.  The final project that I was a part of was the creation of Geddis Lane.  The TBC was also responsible for decorating each site, including the gazebo area for Light Up Night, in preparation of the Christmas season.

Over the 19 years, I was also a PTO officer, an active parent with the Toronto Little League organization, helped my husband run the Toronto Youth Basketball League and became a member of the FIT organization. 

It was a hard decision to retire this year.  Events had changed in my life and I knew it was time to pass the torch to someone new.  I know that with the right leader, the TBC will continue to make the Gem City sparkle! 


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