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Focus In Toronto

Our mission is founded with the idea to promote civic engagement through active community organizing in Toronto, Ohio. We seek to create, build, and sustain an exciting, safe, and community driven environment, while giving back to the community, keeping the FOCUS in Toronto.

Focus in Toronto

308 Loretta Ave

Toronto, Ohio 43964


Justin Poole, Program Director: Jusitn@FocusInToronto.com

Julie Ault, Treasurer: Julie@FocusInToronto.com 

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Beautification Committee

The Toronto Beautification Committee was formed in 1985 by Mayor Robert and Kay Jean Wilson.  The very first site was the Dennis Way Entrance at the south end of town.  Today, there are eleven sites plus the flower urns throughout downtown.  We have twenty active members, whether they are in the field or behind the scenes doing computer work etc., they all play an important part belonging to this committee.  The TBC is responsible for all the sites being planted and groomed by Memorial Day and decorated by the holidays.  The flags flying throughout town, the corporate sponsor signs, gazebo rentals, the annual geranium sale and the entrance signs located at the south and north ends of the city are projects by TBC. Its newest project will be a park in honor of Mayor John Geddis, adjacent to the John F. Geddis Lane, entering the city building.

Its mission statement states: "Our mission is to initiate, assist and maintain projects that improve the general appearance of our community know as Toronto, OH and to protect and preserve its history, heritage and culture.  We will create an environment that is clean and green and will strive to maintain and enhance the quality of life, business appeal and property values of our community."

New members or any high school students looking for volunteer community hours are always welcomed.  The TBC holds six meetings a year and is held on the first Monday of the month.  Anyone interested in learning more about the TBC or wishing to become a member can contact Tina McCoy at 740-537-3448.

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Chamber of Commerce 

2014-run-walkThe Toronto Ohio Chamber of Commerce consists of businesses, professionals, city officials, local ministries, individual investors, and representatives of civic organizations, all working together to support the community.Their mission is to organize, to unite, and to speak on behalf of the Toronto business community; maintain an ongoing effort to make Toronto a better place to work, live and visit.

Toronto Ohio Chamber of Commerce
107 North 4th St.
Toronto, OH 43964
(740) 537-4355
Chamber of Commerce Website



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