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Frequently Asked Questions for Vendors 

How much are booth entry fees?

There are different prices for Food Vendors and Craft Vendors. If you confirm by December 31st you get a $7 discount.  To confirm your spot a 50% deposit is required. 

Craft Vendors start out at $75 for a 10×10 space. If you need electric the cost is $5.

Food Vendors start out at $150.  If you need electric the cost is $25.

I'm a returning Vendor, can I have my spot again?

With an increasing demand for spots by vendors we are only guaranteeing the same spot if you apply by December 31st with a 50% deposit. Not only do you get the same spot, BUT you also get $7 off.

How many people are you expecting?

Although we cannot give an exact number, we are expecting 7-8,000+. We have new initiatives to advertise and gain more shoppers.

How many vendors are you allowing?

We are able to have at least 130 vendors, but all on first come first serve basis. Last year we were at capacity, so make sure to apply early to guarantee your spot.

Is the show juried?

Yes, our show is juried. We have the right to turn any vendor away if they do not meet our standards. We want to preserve the true ideals behind an art festival. Similar with this FIT has the right to decide if certain items are allowed to be sold during the Festival if they are not included with your application.

Who is Focus in Toronto?

FIT is a nonprofit organization that was founded with the idea to promote civic engagement through active community organizing. We seek to create, build, and sustain a fun, safe, & community driven environment, keeping the FOCUS in Toronto. We also sponsor scholarships to THS seniors, as well as hold Gem City Day and the Christmas Parade each year.

Down Payment?

We ask that all vendors put at least a 50% deposit on each booth. For craft vendors it would be $35 per booth and for food vendors it would be $75 per booth. If you apply online we will let you know the exact amount required.

Do I need a health permit?

Not necessarily. If you are selling items that are packaged they must be labeled correctly. If they are then you do not need a health permit. If you are openly cooking during the festival you will need to obtain a permit. A permit for Ohio is valid. Those that must obtain the health permit are considered food vendors.

How will I know how much I owe?

Closer to the Festival we will contact you with any amount that is still due. If full payment is not received by August 1, 2015 you will need to add $10 to your balance.

When do we set up?

All vendors can check in starting at 5pm on Friday before the event until 9pm, or starting at 7am Saturday morning. Setting up must be finalized by 9:30am. Please note that in the contract to agree to stay your entire time at the festival. Leaving early is not acceptable unless you talk with a FIT member first. If you leave early we may not accept your application the following year.

How will I know where my booth is?

By the third week of August we will have confirmed all vendors. We will assign booth numbers and have them listed on our website. We will email out links to all vendors so that they can identify where they are. We will also guide you to your spot during the check-in process.

How will I know you received my application?

When applying online you will receive an email that your application was submitted. Once we receive your application and it is updated in our systems we will send out an email confirmation, as well as add you to our confirmed section of our website. With the email will be a link to fill out the “featured vendor” form. If you would like to be featured before the festival, please make sure to fill out the information. With new vendors confirming every day, the sooner the better. This way we can write the ad in advance.