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Sponsorship Opportunities:


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Who We Are and What We Do:

Focus in Toronto  aims to promote civic engagement through active community organizing. We seek to create, build, and sustain a fun, safe, & community driven environment, keeping the FOCUS in Toronto. Annually we sponsor a $500 Community Service Scholarship that is presented to a Toronto High School graduating senior, as well as give many charitable donations. Our organization provides $100 emergency grants to families or individuals in need.  For example: funeral expenses, aid to those who have lost homes due to fire, flooding and etc., medical expenses, kids who cannot afford shoes/ uniforms for sports, sponsoring school and community events.  We do our best to help anyone who requests assistance. 


Why Our Sponsors Matter:

Each year we sponsor Gem City Day, the Christmas Parade, and the Festival of the Arts. In recent years we took over the Festival to ensure that this long time tradition stayed alive. In doing so our organization has been putting out thousands of dollars, taking away from all of the amazing things that we do for the community, outside of the events. We are working to create a self-sustained Festival by attracting new vendors and ideas into the events. This is why it is important for us to have Festival sponsors. Our sponsors allow us to still focus on giving to those in need.


What We Can Do For You:

Our organization is very social media oriented; we have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and this amazing website. We know the importance of giving back! We are doing something really different this year. We are giving back to our sponsors by acting as an advertising agency. Each sponsor, depending on the amount, gets anything from their contact info listed; to a rotating add on our pages. We do this for one full year with the option of renewing your ad/sponsorship.

Please consider our sponsorship opportunities and invest in an organization that keeps the FOCUS in Toronto.