Christmas Parade Entry Information

CLICK HERE for Christmas Parade Entry Form 


Line Up begins at 4:30 PM

You must be in your space and ready to go by 5:15pm.

Parade starts promptly at 5:30pm


Terms & Conditions

For their safety, children under 5 are not permitted to march and must be on a float or in a vehicle.

DO NOT include a live Santa in your entry. Santa will arrive at the end of the parade. We don’t want to confuse the little ones. We reserve the right to deny entry to any ”live Santa.”

Horses are welcomed. However, you must provide your own clean up crew to follow your entry.

Dance/performance groups are permitted to stop for a maximum of one minute for your entire group. This does not mean if you have gymnastics and a dance group, each section gets one minute. You are permitted a combined total of ONE MINUTE to perform. Points will be deducted from those who exceed their one minute limit. Extreme delays will result in disqualification. We do our very best to make the parade enjoyable for participants, as well as spectators. Those who exceed their time limit cause the parade to come to an excessive standstill. This makes the experience less enjoyable for all concerned. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! When you’ve reached the end of the parade route (4th & Main St.) Please keep moving through the intersection and do not stop for any reason. You can turn left on Main St or proceed through the intersection. Whichever you choose PLEASE DO NOT STOP. This holds up the parade and causes unnecessary delays.

Only parade entries area permitted inside of the line up area.  If you are dropping off participants, you can do so at the corners of Third and Henly, and River and Henley.  Parking is available at the Toronto Baseball field.

Your lineup number and parade map will be emailed the week of the parade.   Please keep and eye on your email that week and contact us if you haven’t received your email by the Wednesday before the parade.

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